Mr. Evolta

Birth of Mr. EVOLTA

Tomotaka Takahashi is the ingenious developer behind the Panasonic EVOLTA Robot. Mr. Takahashi created this EVOLTA mascot, which has been nick-named Mr. EVOLTA, to symbolize Panasonic's Alkaline Battery power.

Mr. Evolta

Who is Mr. EVOLTA?

"I am 17cm tall, 134g, powered by only two AA EVOLTA batteries, and I love challenges!"

Challenges of Mr. EVOLTA

Challenge #1: I climbed the 500m wall of the Grand Canyon (wind and rain, no problem!)

Challenge #2: I completed the 24 hours endurance challenge (tough track, but loved it!)

Challenge #3: I finished a 500km Marathon from Tokyo to Kyoto.

Challenge #4: I completed the ‘Iron man’ triathlon in Hawaii in 167 hours with 3 Evolta rechargeable batteries.