Panasonic’s N°1 long lasting alkaline battery

  • Exceptional performance in low, mid and high drain products
  • Evolta outperforms high premium competitors in commonly accepted industry performance tests(1)
  • Developed to meet the power needs of today’s electronic appliances.

Product benefits

  • Eco ideas: higher energy efficiency = less batteries needed = less impact for the environment (2)
  • See why Panasonic Evolta is Panasonic’s N° 1 long lasting alkaline battery:

A flagship battery outperforming the competition (1)

Evolta is not only the N°1 Panasonic battery, it outperforms high Premium competitors too in comonly accepted industry performance tests. The claim “Panasonic’s N°1 Long Lasting Alkaline Battery” will be used to remind consumers about the outstanding performance of the Evolta batteries.

(1) based on average PI of IEC external testing summer 2010
(2) 20% longer lasting (vs. Panasonic Alkaline Standard Power Silver 2010 – based on average PI of IEC internal testing).

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