Alkaline Power

ALKALINE POWER batteries: high quality

With the Panasonic Alkaline Power batteries you get value for your money. Use them for everyday appliances because they provide reliable and dependable energy. You can use Panasonic's Alkaline Power batteries in a wide range of applications, especially in medium and low drain devices demanding long-lasting, reliable power, like remote controllers and clocks. Also for toys or even basic radios, the Alkaline Power range delivers a well-balanced blend of power, endurance and value.

Safe batteries

Forgotten batteries in your products can result in a leaky and sometimes hazardous mess. Alkaline Power batteries feature comprehensive leak-prevention with a stronger internal structure to make them safe for everyone. Like all Panasonic alkaline batteries, Alkaline Power has a unique Anti-Leak Protection that suppresses gas when a battery depletes or is stored for a long period. Less gas pressure means less chance of rupture, protecting your devices from damage. Independent testing by certifications laboratory Intertek proved Panasonic Alkaline Power batteries are more resistant to leaks than all other batteries in their class.

The ALKALINE POWER batteries are available in different sizes: AAA, AA, C, D and 9V. Check the packaging before using because not all of the appliances are suitable for all battery sizes.

ALKALINE POWER batteries and benefits

Are you looking for the Alkaline Power batteries? These Panasonic batteries have a power protection for up to 7 years in storage. Quality materials work to prevent degradation and to ensure long-life stability for up to 7 years. They also have an anti-leak protection if used correctly and they are a value for money solution.

Key Features

Panasonic's Alkaline Power battery is a value for money power solution for those everyday appliances requiring more power. Standard alkaline range: formulated to provide reliable and dependable power. Excellent price versus quality ratio.

Value for your money

Alkaline Power is most suitable for:

Baby monitor
Remote control