Everyday Power

EVERYDAY POWER batteries: long lasting energy

Panasonic’s EVERYDAY POWER batteries are the ideal power solution for commonly used devices. They are formulated to provide reliable and dependable power. EVERYDAY POWER batteries have an excellent price versus quality ratio. But where do you use these types for? You can use the EVERYDAY POWER batteries in a wide range of applications that demand a steady medium to low current. It’s this versatility and performance that makes them a popular type worldwide for baby monitors, scales, clocks, remote controls, etc. The bigger cells like C, D or 9Volt in this range are also very suitable for more energy-consuming devices like toys, radios and walkie-talkies.

Longer storage capability

Whenever the need arises, you can depend on Panasonic EVERYDAY POWER batteries. They even work after a long time in the cupboard or kitchen drawer. High-quality materials prevent degradation and ensure long-life stability. After production, these batteries keep their energy for up to 10 years when not used and stored correctly.

Together with all Panasonic alkaline batteries, Panasonic EVERYDAY POWER cells proved to be the most resistant to leaks and perform best, during independent testing* for battery leakage resistance conducted by leading certifications laboratory Intertek. The test was performed in high-temperature, high-humidity conditions, with a battery in an unused state after a long period in storage. The cells exist in AAA, AA, C, D and 9Volt.

*Tested by Intertek under specified high-temperature, high-humidity conditions. Panasonic interpreted results according to in-house standards.

EVERYDAY POWER and other Panasonic batteries

Why buy the EVERYDAY POWER batteries? Compared with the Panasonic Alkaline battery, the EVERYDAY POWER batteries last up to 50% longer. They keep energy for up to 10 years even when they are not used and dry stored. These batteries also have an anti-leak protection, which means it suppresses gas when the battery is stored for a long time. If there is less gas pressure, then there's less rupture and less damage to the devices.

Key Features

Up to +50% longer lasting. Panasonic's EVERYDAY POWER battery is an ideal power solution for commonly used devices. Excellent price versus quality ratio. Standard alkaline range: formulated to provide reliable and dependable power.

Long lasting energy

Everyday Power is most suitable for:

Remote control
Baby monitor