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Tech Specs

Product code LR6EPS
Size AA
Technology Alkaline
Voltage 1,5V
Diameter 14,5 mm
Weight 23,1 g
Shelf Life 10 years
Usable for:
Suitable for baby monitor icon
Suitable for clock icon
Suitable for personal scale icon
Suitable for remote control icon
Baby monitor
Baby monitor

No need to worry about your baby monitor running out of power. Thanks to Panasonic batteries providing your baby monitor with the ideal power for a longer time.


Never be late again because your clock will last longer thanks to the power of Panasonic batteries.

Digital scale
Digital scale

Ensure the most precise measurements with your digital scale by using Panasonic batteries.

Remote control
Remote control

For all frequent usage of remote controllers, Panasonic batteries are the best power source. The batteries are environmentally friendly and provide the amount of energy your appliance is requiring.