Panasonic CHARGERS: save money and time

All BATTERY CHARGERS have a timer function. Even the most basic models stop charging after 13 hours. More than long enough to fully charge your batteries, while you are sure to avoid unnecessary power consumption. Our top model is equipped with a Smart Charge function. This ingenious system automatically checks the voltage and temperature of the battery. It saves time of charging and loss of energy and money. Our chargers are equipped with charging status lights, indicating that the charging process is in progress. If the light is off, the batteries are fully charged. The most advanced chargers have an indicator light per battery.

Stay charged for every occasion

Panasonic offers a variety of chargers, suitable for every occasion. Here’s an overview of all our chargers:

  1. Smart & Quick charger - BQ CC55

  2. Advanced charger - BQ CC17

  3. Basic charger - BQ CC51

  4. Compact charger - BQ CC50

  5. Universal charger - BQ CC15

Panasonic BATTERY CHARGERS: worldwide compatibility

The BATTERY CHARGERS are suitable for all Ni-MH batteries. The complete series of Panasonic rechargeable batteries can be efficiently recharged with the chargers, but also Ni-MH batteries from other brands. We recommend however not to mix brands. All Panasonic chargers are equipped with a non-rechargeable detection for absolute safety. If you try to recharge alkaline batteries for example, the charging process simply won’t start. All Panasonic chargers have lead-free soldering. That makes them less harmful for the environment and proves the continuous efforts of Panasonic to develop products that contribute to a better world. The complete range of chargers can be used all over the world, ranging from 100 to 240 Volt power supply. An EU-plug and UK-plug is included in all packages. All our chargers come with a free 5-year warranty for added reassurance.

Key Features

Improved consumer communication, designed to aid product rotation. Clear time indications and features. A free 5 year warranty for added reassurance. All chargers have lead-free soldering, less harmful for the environment. Worldwide compatibility. LED Timer ready indication. Safety: non rechargeable detection. For all Ni-MH batteries.

Use your rechargeable batteries again and again

Chargers is most suitable for: