Even after I’ve replaced the coin battery, the device does not work properly. Why?

Device malfunctioning often occurs because the battery is inserted or used incorrectly. This in turn has multiple possible causes:

  • The battery is inserted the wrong way around, meaning plus and minus poles are reversed. If the battery has been in this position for more than an hour, it may no longer work as its contents have been consumed.
  • The battery does not properly fit in the holder, leading to improper contact. Make sure you’re using the correct battery size for your device!
  • The battery holder or battery itself is dirty, leading to improper contact. Be sure to insert a clean battery into a clean holder at all times.
  • The battery has been deformed and no longer touches both terminals. Small as a coin battery is, it may deform when put under stress. In this case, recycle the battery and insert a new one.
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