Frequently Asked Questions

Following Q&A will teach you everything you wanted to know about batteries and how to optimize the usage.
At this point Panasonic does not produce AAAA or LR61 batteries.
Perhaps you are using a different battery type. Zinc carbon will perform otherwise compared to alkaline, for example.
Panasonic hearing aid batteries contain zinc, which reacts with air. They do not contain lithium.
This is a guarantee that no mercury is added during production.
Batteries are best stored at room temperature. Extreme heat or cold can significantly reduce battery life.
Panasonic does not produce or sell 12V batteries like A27, 27A, G27A, MN27 or bi09 of other manufacturers.
Panasonic hearing aid batteries are extremely safe. Unless they’re put under extreme circumstances, temperatures or pressure, they provide a very safe power source for your hearing aids.
Empty batteries should always be recycled. You can bring your batteries to a recycling point near you, free of charge.
You can download the manuals of our chargers on our website.
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