What are the characteristics/qualities of each Panasonic battery?

Zinc carbon

For simple and reliable technology. Cheap and basic battery for your low-drain devices such as clocks and tv-remotes.


  • Alkaline Power: best value for money in low-drain appliances. Dependable power for clocks, remotes, scales and other low-drain devices
  • Everyday Power: best value in everyday situations. Good for low- to medium-drain devices like tv remotes, scales, clocks and toy remotes.
  • Pro Power: medium- and high-drain devices such as motorised toys, wireless keyboards and computer mice, walkie talkies and more.
  • EVOLTA (NEO): premium battery with high capacity and exquisite power for high-drain devices. Ideal for motorised toys and other demanding appliances.

Lithium Coin

Stable and slow energy loss for small devices such as remotes, camera flashes, calculators and car keys.

Cylindrical Lithium

For light weight appliances that need high power. Quick recovery of rapid energy surges, making them ideal for camera flashes and other high-drain devices.

Micro Alkaline

For reliable and long lasting power for small appliances: think remotes, camera flashes, calculators and car keys.

Silver Oxide 

Superior coin battery range specifically designed for small high drain devices such as sports wearables, calculators, digital clocks and pointers.

Zinc Air

Our most compact batteries available in four sizes, specifically designed for long lifespan of hearing aids.


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