Frequently Asked Questions

Following Q&A will teach you everything you wanted to know about batteries and how to optimize the usage.

0006P is a 9V (square) battery and is also designated as a 6F22 (Zinc carbon) or 6LR61 (Alkaline) battery.
Our batteries are produced without adding Mercury during the production process.
Use equipment's recommended battery, always insert batteries correctly, please avoid short circuiting at all time, always use same brand, type and expiry date batteries in you appliance, take care of the battery, always turn your equipment off, be sure the batteries fit perfectly in the battery department, remove depleted batteries at once, always avoid high temperature, high humidity (water etc.) and direct sunlight, always wash the effected skin, eyes and clothes with copious amounts of taped water, keep batteries away from children and babies at all times, change out battery all at once.
Don’t charge an alkaline or zinc-carbon battery, they are not designed to be charged.
There are several possibilities why a battery can feel hot or heat up: when the battery is short circuited (in a purse or in a drawer), when the battery got a severe shock (has fallen down) or when a battery is wrongly inserted in the battery box.
There can be several reasons why the appliance doesn't work. The battery can be wrongly inserted in the battery compartment, there can be a bad connection between the battery and the compartment connection terminal or it is possible the appliance does not work properly.
Typically for an alkaline battery is a gradually decreasing voltage when it discharges, which means that for some appliances, which need a high base voltage to operate, the appliance stops working even while the battery has still a bit of energy left.
There are different types of batteries, for instance Zinc Carbon and alkaline. If the previous battery was an alkaline, and the new ones are Zinc carbon, it is possible that the capacity and thus lifespan is less.
No, please never mix batteries from different types, brand or equipment.
The Ideal temperature for our primary batteries is between 5°C up to 45°C.