After the first day of school: studying (and being) on the go

Back to school supplies

With the first day of school behind us, back to school is all you and your student might be thinking of. Luckily, it’s never too late to still get some supplies for the new school year. Their go-to list is far bigger than a good set of writing tools and a pocket calculator. Below we’ve listed up some items and ideas to kick off for a great new year!

Mobile desk supplies

Once the first day of school has passed, homework returns. And it’s 2019. In this mobile era, schoolgoers and students alike are no longer stuck to that one corner desk in their bedroom. They will study anywhere: from the kitchen counter, their beds and the couch downstairs to the library or on the bus home. 

A good and motivated student needs a few things to get ready for those homework sessions at the end of the day. Basic items include pens, markers, and a handy scrap book with a hard cover to take notes without the need of a table. Additionally, a good compact LED light is ideal to quite literally brighten up the working space, wherever that may be. The light quite literally provides focus on the task at hand - without taking up too much space!

Stand out on the road

School isn’t all about studying, of course. If you’re lucky enough to live within cycling distance of school, it’s an ideal way to start the day actively. Do make sure your kid’s bike is ready for a daily trip to school. Check brakes, tyres, saddle height, and not to forget: reflectors and bike lights.

Batteries for bike lights

Consider using EVOLTA NEO batteries (AA or AAA) to use your bike lights for a long time

Reflective wear of course isn’t obligatory, but it can make a massive difference on the road. Think reflective jackets, light strips or even a flashy helmet with blinking lights. Small measures to improve safety, and an ideal way to personalise their own ride to school.

Staying active

It’s essential to move around and stay active during the day. Humans were made to move, so it’s especially important that young schoolgoers stay fit as their bodies and minds develop. Adapting a fit lifestyle early on can make a tremendous difference in the long run: it builds character and boosts your mood - crucial to stay motivated at school, also after the first day of school!

For the best results, it’s best to spread out activity throughout the day. Step counters or smart watches are excellent to track your kid’s overall movement - and remind them to take an (active) break from sitting down. 

Go back to school with the right batteries