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What's your favorite Panasonic moment?

"The PECE Deployment Meeting in October 2016 – an excellent venue in a beautiful city (Gent). We enjoyed very informative meetings and presentations with the majority of the international staff. These international meetings always have a very positive vibe and encourage the constructive exchange between team members from the different territories."

Why did you choose Panasonic?

"Panasonic is an international, established A-brand with a great reputation. While a very good standing within the market has already been achieved, there is an ongoing effort to reach for more and improve our (Panasonic's) contribution to society, all with a very environmentally conscious approach."

What makes Panasonic a great place to work?

"Within the big company that is Panasonic, I get to work within a relatively small field with close contact to an excellent international team with a great spirit. We look out for each other and are eager to learn from each other in order to improve the company's overall performance and results. I get to learn and improve myself while at the same time actively contributing to the ongoing evolution of the company."

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What is your favorite part about your job?

"As a product manager on rechargeable and specialty consumer batteries for Panasonic Energy Europe, I'm in contact with different nationalities and different cultures, from Denmark, Poland & Italy, to Russia and Japan. Thanks to all these great people - sales & marketing colleagues but also customers -, I am able to see the broader picture and to apply this in my marketing strategy. In order to understand the local markets better, I often join customer meetings & store checks everywhere in Europe. Next to the nice colleagues abroad, I also have great colleagues in the office, where I spend a lot of time with! All this makes that I have a lot of variation in my job and is for me also the main reason why I like my job."

What is a typical day like for you at Panasonic?

"There is no such thing as a typical day at Panasonic J Once/ twice a month I am on business trip, the other days in the office are always very busy. Most of the time I arrive at 9 o clock in the office and start to follow up my most important mails. The rest of the day is most of the time fully booked with a lot of meetings, both internally as externally. As a product manager I am in direct contact with different agencies for the practical follow-up of our marketing activities, but next to that we need a lot of feedback from other supporting departments and our sales teams on these activations, on current product portfolio but also on launches of new products. Also the direct contact with our factory in Poland and our colleagues in Japan cannot be neglected. Around 12.15h I have a 30 minutes lunch with my colleagues, except on Tuesdays, as I am participating the Yoga classes organized by our HR colleague. Once a week, we take 90 minutes to exercise, to relax and to learn how to control our stress level. My day normally ends around 18-19h, depending on the number of meetings I had during the day."

 What do you think it takes to be successful at Panasonic?

"First of all it is important to have an open spirit and to be a team player. At Panasonic, colleagues are a bit like family, we see each other more often than family, even outside working hours. As an employee it is important to be flexible and to see yourself as a part of the Panasonic family. Don't only do what is asked in your job description, but also help your colleagues where possible in order to improve the working atmosphere. At Panasonic, we are one team, one company so it is important to always keep this principle in mind when acting. When you do this, you will definitely become successful in your job."

What's your favorite Panasonic moment?

"As I think a good contact with your colleagues is one of the most important key factors for success, I like the team activities after working hours a lot! As a member of the events team, it makes me happy when people really enjoy our happy hours we organize four times a year, our Christmas breakfasts and New Year parties, but also our sport events, customer events and marketing events. Thanks to these events you get to know your colleagues even better and this also improves the way of working for the future. One of the warmest moments I will never forget was for example all the efforts my colleagues all over Europe and even in Japan did to make my wedding in June a day which I will never forget. As product manager of eneloop, my colleagues learned the eneloopy dance by heart and performed it on my wedding day, preceded by a video message from all my Japanese colleagues. This shows Panasonic is not only about numbers but also about people."

Why did you choose Panasonic?

"I started at Panasonic as a temporary replacement for my colleague who was in parental leave. As I was just graduated from university, I was happy I could start my first working experience in a big company as Panasonic. To be completely honest, batteries didn't seem a very sexy product to work with at first sight but later I learned a battery is seen as something 'magical' with different specifications consumers are not always aware off. The main goal is to educate consumers about the differences in batteries and guide them to the correct battery for their appliance. After 6 months my temporary contract ended but I was asked to stay at Panasonic, off course I said yes! More than 5 years later, I am still happy with that decision."

Describe the training and advancement opportunities which are available to you.

"Thanks to positive feedback from the board of directors, I was able to apply for a vertical promotion where I was asked to give a presentation on a topic I could decide myself but linked to my job as a marketer. Next to that I check on a regular basis which external trainings are available in the market in order to improve my knowledge on different topics like online marketing, e-commerce, social media strategies etc."

How would you best describe a Panasonic person?

"A Panasonic person is passionate for their work and “in love” with the brand in their everyday life as well. Our ultimate reward is to put a smile on the consumer’s face as they enjoy our top performing products."

What is your favorite part about your job?

"Working for Panasonic means being part of a big international family: factories, logistics, marketing, sales offices and of course customers. In Panasonic you will have the chance to follow a product in its journey to the end consumers and you are part of it."

How do you describe your work to your friends and family?

"It’s dynamic, versatile and fulfilling. There are many challenges along the way and we face them as one team."

What advice would you give to someone applying to a job in your department?

"You have the chance to engage with a reliable and ethical company. We are a leading company to work with and to work for."

What was your favorite Panasonic moment?

"The first day, everyone gave me a feeling of coming home."

Why did you choose Panasonic?

"Panasonic is a world leading company in technology with an eye on corporate responsibility."

What makes Panasonic a great place to work?

"Panasonic is a big company with world leading capacities. Where work / live balance is very important to everyone."

Panasonic in one word?

"burj khalifa (The top of the world)"

Life at Panasonic

At Panasonic we create a better life, a better world

“Our mission is to enrich people’s lives through our business.” Those were the words of our founder Konosuke Matsushita. No matter who you are, where you work, what role you play, or how long you have been with us, your contribution as an employee of Panasonic ultimately helps deliver sustainable solutions that enhance the well-being of people and the quality of life throughout the world.

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You develop and stretch your abilities by working in a culture of collaboration and partnership. By building strong personal connections and relationships of trust with customers and colleagues from all over the world, you can help drive us towards our goal to deliver innovative and reliable products and solutions that make a difference.

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At Panasonic you work for a company recognised globally for its high quality products, green innovative systems and reliable solutions, developed by passionate people. As a Panasonic employee you can look toward the future and drive change.

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At Panasonic you will be encouraged to experience a broad variety of activities, act freely and take on new responsibilities. We provide all our employees with the opportunity to tackle challenging and interesting work.