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Battery leakage: causes and prevention

If you have a tv remote, a torch or a toy race car, you’ve definitively come to find out what happens when you leave your batteries in for too long. A white, powdery crust leaks out of them, making...

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No mercury added



Mercury batteries: why they were popular - and banned

Today, there is a worldwide ban on mercury in batteries. A good measure, given their high toxicity and harmful effects to the environment. But why were mercury batteries used in the first place? And...

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types of battery



Different types of battery explained: which battery should I use?

Do you have a battery powered device in your home? Probably a few. Don’t be tempted to put in whatever battery you come across first, though. It’s always best to find out what the best battery for...

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how to use batteries



Battery usage tips: how to use a battery properly

Using a battery is usually pretty straightforward. Sometimes, however, a little guesswork is needed to really get the most out of your battery. How do you store batteries? Can you mix different...

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Panasonic Cirque du Soleil



New Panasonic Batteries contest in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil

What if you would win a trip to Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas? Thanks to our renewed collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, you can bring the odds in your favour. Last year, the promotion campaign...

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Battery toys



How improved batteries help kids enjoy their battery toys more

In today’s world, toys and batteries are happily married. Mobile devices and other battery toys have become increasingly popular. Right now, almost one in five toys at home is battery-operated....

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Tipps Batteriesicherheit



Battery safety 101: what you should (and shouldn’t) do when using batteries

Batteries have come a long way. Over the years, improved technology and better design have made them a very safe and practical power source. However, they’re not completely harmless if handled...

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recycling batteries



Battery recycling explained: what happens to old batteries?

The battery is a genius invention. It allows you to transport and store energy wherever and whenever you wish. But that energy is finite: at some point your battery runs empty. What happens when you...

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Panasonic Environment Vision 2050



Panasonic Environment Vision 2050: our commitments to become carbon-neutral

To battle climate change, Panasonic takes drastic measures. This comes to practice in the Panasonic Environment Vision 2050. Among that are our Zero-CO2 factories. Last year, a first Panasonic...

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Panasonic EVOLTA NEO batteries



EVOLTA NEO: Unlock the power of Silver

EVOLTA NEO: the longest lasting alkaline battery in Panasonic history. Improved technology, design and engineering have created a battery that is not only more powerful, but also safer to use. Read...

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gift guide holidays



Holiday gift guide for tech freaks

Oh the weather outside is frightful ... Well, not just yet. But with Summer behind us and the holiday season closing in, so come the Christmas presents. It’s a merry tradition. But who says the...

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Las Vegas, baby! Panasonic Batteries Contest in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil

Do you fancy a trip for two to Las Vegas, to discover the city and enjoy a Cirque du Soleil show? The Panasonic Energy Europe promotion campaign in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil continues this...

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