Choosing batteries for popular battery operated toys

You can find more and more electronic toys online and in stores these days. They can help a lot during the development and education of children: their imagination develops more, their language skills improve and their dexterity gets better. Battery operated toys have lots of benefits. As they are high drain appliances, they consume lots of energy, that's why it's important to use the right batteries for optimal use. It's not only hard to pick the best toys between all the options, also choosing the right batteries isn't easy. Because it's essential you use the ideal batteries in each toy, we share the most popular electronic toys for children and their matching batteries.

The right batteries

To enjoy absolute comfort of your toys, it's necessary you choose the right batteries. If you don't use batteries that meet the high energy need of the appliances, it's possible toys won't work properly or batteries start leaking, which will damage your toy. To meet the different needs of the consumers concerning batteries, Panasonic has different batteries in EVOLTA, Pro Power, Lithium Coin, Cylindrical lithium, Micro Alkaline, Silver oxide and rechargeable ranges for a wide range of toys from high to low energy consuming. To avoid leakage of batteries, you can check all of our tips and tricks about leakage here (link naar blog 5 anti-leakage tips). Here we share the most popular electronic toys for children and their matching batteries.

  • Electric ride-on toys

From cars to scooters: kids always have lots of fun when it comes to ride-on toys and these are mostly battery operated toys for kids. Driving like parents with a battery powered ride will make them feel like real grown-ups. There are different ride-on toys depending on the age of the children. The Panasonic EVOLTA batteries are ideal for high drain appliances like ride-on toys.

Discover the EVOLTA batteries.

  • Educational toys and toy computers (screen/joystick/keyboard)

Choosing educational toys for your kids means opening a new world of imagination and discovery. Each year, the market of electronic educational toys grows and there are hundreds of educational toys for kids of any ages: learning tablets, musical toys, … Toys like these can use quite a lot of energy, so you better choose the right batteries. For joysticks and keyboards the Pro Power batteries are perfect: they offer premium, reliable and dependable power. Also rechargeable batteries are ideal for toys that consume a lot of energy. (Button: discover the best batteries for toy cars/joysticks)

Discover the rechargeable battery range. 

  • Walkie-talkies

Running around, playing secret agents, explorers or something else: it is possible with a pair of walkie-talkies. With the best batteries, your kids can enjoy playing with the walkie-talkies for hours. Also for the walkie-talkies the Pro Power batteries are the right ones, because the toy is a high drain appliance. These batteries also have an anti-leak protection and a power protection for up to 10 years in storage.

Discover the perfect Pro Power batteries for walkie-talkies.

  • Toy cameras

Let your kids develop their artistic side by giving them a child-friendly camera. Everywhere you can find easy-to-use cameras to play with. You can choose between different cameras from instant print cameras, waterproof cameras to cameras with special effects. EVOLTA batteries are here the most suitable because they deliver lots of power, it's ideal to make the best pictures for a longer time.

Discover the perfect batteries for toy cameras.