Scales, game controllers, electronic toys, smoke detectors, dect phones, walkie-talkies: our households contain lots of electrical devices that will not work without batteries. When choosing a battery, there is a wide variety of available types. The alkaline batteries are the ones that are used mostly, but they also exist in different types. Should you choose the Pro Power, the Alkaline Power, the Everyday Power or the Evolta? And what are the differences? You can find an overview below. 

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For our electronic appliances we use everyday there is the Panasonic EVOLTA battery. It is the number 1 Panasonic battery because of the technology: the battery combines voltage and evolution. This superior alkaline battery outperforms any other battery in safety and power. Looking for a battery that lasts longer to replace them less quickly? Choose EVOLTA for a lower impact on the environment. 

You can use the EVOLTA batteries for high to low drain appliances, like cameras with flash, computer mouses, toys, drones, remote controls, game controllers and torches. 

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Pro Power 

The Panasonic Pro Power batteries offer premium energy for personal appliances. One of the main characteristics of these batteries is the reliable, long-lasting and dependable power, at any place and any time. It's a better class of battery that exists of two unique technologies: a specially designed coating which reduces resistance for a better reliability and an Anti-Leak Protection that prevents damage to appliances. 

These batteries are ideal for high and medium drain (high to middel energy consuming) devices, especially energy-consuming toys, like robots and remote controlled cars. If you want keyboards, torches or radios to work longer with one battery, you should use the Pro Power. In contrast, the Pro Power battery is also ideal for low drain (low energy consuming) devices like a computer mouse, smoke detectors or a TV remote control. It can provide prolonged reliable energy for these devices. A higher energy efficiency means longer lasting and a less quick replacement. In other words, the Pro Power batteries from Panasonic reduce the impact on the environment. 

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Everyday Power 

For commonly used devices, there is the Everyday Power battery from Panasonic. These alkaline batteries are ideal for commonly used devices because they provide dependable and reliable power and have an excellent price versus quality ratio. A long-life stability is the result of the high-quality materials. If the batteries are correctly stored and not used, they keep their energy for up to 10 years. The Anti-Leak Protection means it suppresses leaking when these batteries are stored for a long time and during normal usage. 

Devices that need medium to low current energy can be provided with Everyday Power alkaline batteries. They are versatile and this makes them ideal for devices such as baby monitors, clocks, scales, smoke detectors, remote controls ... Even for appliances that consume more energy, like walkie-talkies, toys and radios, the Everyday Power C, D and 9Volt cells are perfect. 

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Alkaline Power 

Panasonic has batteries for every device in your household. If you want value for money, you can rely on the Alkaline Power batteries. Use them for medium and low drain devices that need long-lasting and reliable power. A stronger internal structure makes the Alkaline Power into safe batteries with a comprehensive leak prevention. Like the Pro Power and Everyday Power batteries, the Alkaline Power batteries have an Anti-Leak Protection. In this way, gas is suppressed when the battery is in storage for a long time and when it is normal used. 

Use the Alkaline Power batteries for everyday appliances like remote controls, clocks, smoke detectors and torches. You can also use these batteries for toys and radios because they provide a well-balanced blend of power, value and endurance. 

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