Holiday gift guide for tech freaks

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Oh the weather outside is frightful ... Well, not just yet. But with Summer behind us and the holiday season closing in, so come the Christmas presents. It’s a merry tradition. But who says the holidays have to be old-fashioned? Do you consider yourself a tech nerd? Or do you have a couple of tech-savvy friends or nephews you still need a present for? Spruce up your gift giving game and read our tech-proof holiday gift guide!

A touch of music

Music: the original wonder drug. To create a musical atmosphere in the house, consider a bluetooth speaker or sound bar. Its portability allows you to move it around, so you’ll always have the music where you want it. And if you really want it to stand out, choose a battery powered speaker with voice activation. Can’t find the music you like? Why not make it yourself? A wireless sound recorder allows you to sing, play and record whatever beautiful tunes you’re producing. And in case you want to enjoy the music by yourself, a decent set of headphones - wireless, of course - will do the trick.

Tip: You can use EVOLTA AA batteries for your bluetooth speaker.

Capture the moment

Not a fan of staying home? Are you rather the outgoing type that prefers a good adventure? As a companion for your journeys, a decent digital camera never hurts. Capture the moment with a waterproof (video) camera. That way, you’ll be able to relive those magical moments any time you want. If you really want to make people jealous with your video footage, a camera drone will get you going. Pop some batteries into the remote, start it up and let it take off for some awesome shots. No item on the holiday gift guide can top that!

Tip: You can use EVOLTA AA batteries for your digital camera and your camera drone. Power your remote control with Everyday Power batteries.

Joyful gadgets

Next up on our holiday gift guide is … Christmas lights. Yes, technically you’re long overdue to hand out Christmas lights on the Eve. Yet a well-picked set of battery LED lights can function year-round. And you know: winter won’t be over immediately. Hang up a wire string of lights in your bedroom or living room to create cosy, warm nights.

Tip: You can use coin batteries or Pro Power AA batteries for your Christmas lights.

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