How improved batteries help kids enjoy their battery toys more

Battery toys

In today’s world, toys and batteries are happily married. Mobile devices and other battery toys have become increasingly popular. Right now, almost one in five toys at home is battery-operated. Similarly, the demand for better, longer-lasting, and safer batteries has grown. How exactly does Panasonic provide a better battery?

Battery improvement

More efficient power discharge, longer shelf life and decreased leakage are among the most im-portant factors for the production of our batteries. But batteries, especially when they’re used for toys, should also be safe. That’s why we continually conduct tests to improve all of these pa-rameters. The tests are of course subject to the latest international standards (IEC60086).

Increased stability

Panasonic batteries beat the competitors on several levels. Not only are they safer and do they produce a steadier, longer-lasting power flow, they more efficiently use the inner space. Specifi-cally:

  • Panasonic alkaline batteries such as EVOLTA NEO are designed to be even more powerful than their predecessors. The result: EVOLTA NEO is the longest lasting alkaline battery in Panasonic history. His little brother, EVOLTA, also contains highly reactive ingredients like titanium and manganese dioxide to provide that extra power your high-drain device needs. In other words: it’s ideal for battery-operated toys.
  • Coin batteries were known to have an irregular power flow, due to a gap that grew between anode and cathode during discharge. Panasonic coin batteries have resolved this via their unique structure - preventing sudden changes in power flow. Additionally, coin battery packag-ing has significantly improved. This is especially beneficial for providing an overall ‘child-safe’ battery.
  • The (rechargeable) eneloop batteries’ inner structure is more refined resulting in a safer, more reliable battery: a safety valve, a mechanism against forced discharge and corrosion-resistant materials.

battery toys

Battery toys

Toys help children develop their imagination. They help improve children’s dexterity and language skills. That’s why battery toys - with the right batteries - should be a perfect match. Some devic-es need a long-lasting, low-power steady flow of energy: think remote controls, game controllers and keyboards. However, robot toys, toy computers, musical toys, and other high-drain devices need a more powerful supply of energy. 

Therefore, it’s important to choose the right battery for your device. To help you pick the right type for your kid’s battery toy, you can read our previous blog here.