New: Panasonic Battery App

In a world buzzing with modern electronics, finding the right type of battery for a specific device can be difficult. That's why we launched the ‘Panasonic Battery App’ – an easy-to-use mobile app enabling buyers to quickly and effortlessly find the battery they need. The Panasonic battery range currently comprises of 4 different alkaline grades: EVOLTA, Pro Power, Everyday Power and Alkaline Power – each one with a different capacity. As different appliances require different levels of energy, we want to help battery consumers “see the wood for the trees” by guiding you through your purchase decision. Our battery app offers three features:

Choose the ‘Augmented Reality’ feature for a supernatural experience

In addition to the app’s primary features, a third, neater function has been added. The ‘Augmented Reality’ function allows you to add an extra dimension to your photos. As the scene changes through different photo shots, the AR function will add to the picture a 3D image of Spider-Man. Have some fun and take a selfie with Spiderman in a variety of different locations around the world! Until 31 December 2017, European Spider-Man enthusiasts can win a city trip to New York, by trying to catch as many contacts into their digital & social media webs – just like Spider-Man himself.

Available now: the battery app from Panasonic

Get the battery app now via the Google Play Store or the the Apple Store!

Use ‘Find My Battery’ to find the right battery

The ‘Find My Battery’ function will help you to learn which battery type they need for a particular electronic device, by choosing from a list of simple icons. If they cannot find a device from the list, then a list of ‘other appliances’ is made available. As soon as they have chosen an appliance and a battery size, the app suggests the best suited Panasonic battery line for their purpose. It also provides additional information to prevent users from purchasing the wrong type of battery.