Panasonic Batteries supports Bednet: education from home

batteries for Bednet

The new school year has kicked off. Students all over the world have returned to school after a long summer holiday. Except for children and young people who are temporarily confined to their bed due to illness, an accident or an operation. Bednet, a Belgian non-profit organisation, ensures that those children can keep up in class. From their homes, with their own classes and using a live connection. Thanks to Bednet, they can also stay in touch with their classmates.

To be able to attend lessons live, fast technical support is necessary. The computer system must be easy to use, both in the classroom and at the student's home. To ensure that all desktops, laptops and mobile units work optimally and to feed wireless keyboards, microphones and computer mice with the necessary power, Bednet can count on Panasonic Batteries this school year. Panasonic donated a box full of CR2032 button cell batteries and AA and AAA Pro Power batteries. That way, hundreds of Bednet users will be able to follow along with lessons, and all the rest.

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Bednet education from home