Rechargeable DECT

RECHARGEABLE DECT BATTERY: offers more economies

Panasonic Rechargeable 1000mAh Batteries and 750mAh batteries are pre-charged and stay charged up to 365 days. So with Panasonic, you only experience the benefits of rechargeable batteries. And those benefits are clear and obvious for Rechargeable 1000 and 750mAh batteries. They have the same convenience of a disposable battery, adding their very long cycle life. This results in an extremely low cost per charging cycle.

Ideal for occasional users

Rechargeable 1000 and 750mAh batteries are designed for mid- to low-power applications. The development of durable high-tech materials lets you reuse and recharge 1.600 to 2.100 times. Thanks to the extended life cycle, the Rechargeable 1000 and 750mAh is the perfect battery for applications characterized by an intermittent low-current service. Put them in your baby phone, cordless phone or remote control, and you can be sure of sufficient power for a very long time, charge after charge. These batteries are available in AA and AAA size.

RECHARGEABLE 1000mAh and other Panasonic batteries

Ordinary rechargeable batteries have some remarkable drawbacks, which cause a lot of irritation among consumers. If you have used this kind of standard rechargeable batteries before, you will most definitely recognize them:

  1. Capacity wears out if you do not use the batteries regularly

  2. In cold conditions, the capacity decreases faster (e.g. batteries for a bicycle light in the winter)

  3. You have to charge the batteries before you can use them

Rechargeable 1000mAh Batteries and 750mAh batteries have an extremely long life cycle.
This is reflected in a steady performance in mid- to low-current applications for a very long time. Packaged with a full charge, these batteries have a ready-to-use reliability. They retain 80% of its original capacity after a year in storage. The Panasonic Rechargeable DECT batteries have an all-weather performance and are resistant to cold, with usage guaranteed down to -20 °C.

Key Features

Ready to use: You can use them immediately after buying them. Stay charged: after 1 year still up to 80% of the capacity remainswithout charging. Ideal for the frequent rechargeable battery user. Long cycle life: up to 2100 cycles. Providing an ideal power solution for cordless communication appliances. Packaging quantities in blister adapted to most frequently used appliances such as DECT phones.

For occasional users

Rechargeable DECT is most suitable for:

Computer mouse
Remote control
Baby monitor