Rechargeable EVOLTA Ready to Use 2450 mAh (AA) -900 mAh (AAA)

RECHARGEABLE EVOLTA battery: offers more power

RECHARGEABLE EVOLTA BATTERIES are designed for high-power appliances. The development of durable and reliable materials lets you reuse and recharge the batteries up to 500 times. Thanks to the high capacity of 2450mAh for AA batteries, rechargeable EVOLTA is the perfect battery for heavy users. Put them in your game controller, flash camera or your toy car, … and you’ll have guaranteed fun for a very long time, charge after charge.

Ideal for heavy users

All Panasonic rechargeable batteries are pre-charged and stay charged up to 365 days. So with Panasonic, you only experience the benefits of rechargeable materials. Those benefits are clear and obvious for rechargeable EVOLTA batteries: a high capacity and a much longer life cycle through continuous reuse. This results in higher efficiency, and thus less product disposal. These batteries come in the following sizes: AA and AAA.

RECHARGEABLE EVOLTA and other Panasonic batteries

Why opt for the rechargeable EVOLTA batteries from Panasonic? For starters, they have a high capacity, with exceptional performance in high-current appliances. They can last up to 7 times longer than the Panasonic Alkaline Power battery in digital camera mode. Of course, it depends on the device and usage. These batteries have a ready-to-use reliability and are packaged with a full charge. Thanks to the world’s number 1 battery manufacturer technology, ‘ready to use’ and ‘high capacity’ can be combined at the same time. The rechargeable EVOLTA batteries retain up to 80% of their original capacity after they have been stored for a year. They are also resistant to all weather conditions, such as cold, with usage guaranteed down to -20 °C.

Key Features

Ready to use: you can use them immediately after buying them. Stay charged: after 1 year still up to 80% of the capacity remains without charging. High capacity: up to 7x longer lasting than Alkaline. Combines ‘ready to use’ with ‘high capacity’ at the same time thanks to world number 1 battery manufacturer technology. Specially designed for consumers with a focus on power. Provide an ideal power solution for frequently used high drain appliances.

For heavy users

Rechargeable EVOLTA Ready to Use 2450 mAh (AA) -900 mAh (AAA) is most suitable for:

Camera flash
Digital scale