Rechargeable Ready to Use

RECHARGEABLE 1900 BATTERIES: offer more convenience

RECHARGEABLE 1900mAh BATTERIES are designed for high- to mid-power applications. The development of durable high-tech materials lets you reuse and recharge the batteries 1.000 to 1.600 times. Thanks to their strong capacity and extended life cycle, the Rechargeable 1900 and 750mAh is the perfect battery for very frequent users. Put them in your electric toothbrush, computer mouse or remote control, and you are sure of reliable power for a very long time, charge after charge.

Ideal for frequent users

Every Panasonic rechargeable battery is pre-charged and stays charged up to 365 days. With Panasonic, you’ll get to experience the benefits of rechargeable batteries. And for Rechargeable 1900 and 750mAh batteries, those benefits are crystal clear. They combine the convenience of a disposable battery with the performance and cost-benefits of a rechargeable battery. These batteries are available in different sizes: AA and AAA.

RECHARGEABLE 1900mAh and other Panasonic batteries

The Rechargeable 1900mAh Batteries come with loads of benefits. They perform great in high- to mid-current applications. With up to 1.000 recharges for AA batteries and 1.600 recharges for AAA batteries, they have a high capacity for a long time. These batteries are packaged with a full charge, so you can be sure that they are ready to use at all times. On top of that, they retain 80% of their original capacity after a year in storage. Panasonic batteries perform well in any weather condition and are resistant to cold, with usage guaranteed down to -20 °C. This way, they resolve 3 major drawbacks of ordinary rechargeable batteries, which lead to a lot of irritation among consumers. People who have used standard rechargeable batteries will definitely recognize them. For one, the capacity of ordinary rechargeable batteries wears out if you do not use the batteries on a regular occasion. Also, in contrast to Panasonic batteries, their capacity tends to decrease faster in cold conditions (e.g. batteries for a bicycle light in the winter). Last but not least, you have to charge standard rechargeable batteries before you are able to use them. Panasonic has eliminated all of these disadvantages and made their batteries ready to use with the highest capacity. Say no to the disadvantages of regular rechargeable batteries, just start using Panasonic rechargeable batteries!

Key Features

Ready to use: you can use them immediately after buying them. Combines the convenience of a disposable battery with the performance and cost benefits of a rechargeable battery. Ideal for the frequent rechargeable battery user. Offers consumers a convenient battery range to meet all their needs. Stay charged: after 1 year still up to 80% of the capacity remains without charging.

For frequent users

Rechargeable Ready to Use is most suitable for:

Computer mouse
Walkie Talkie
Remote control