Micro Alkaline

MICRO ALKALINE battery: reliable and long-lasting power

From wearable devices to calculators and cameras, Panasonic's family of specialist battery cells is trusted for quality and value. The Micro Alkaline series is based on the well-known alkaline technology that has powered batteries for decades. These Micro Alkaline batteries are most suitable for calculators, cameras and all sorts of precision electronic equipment.

Two types to suit different needs

The Micro Alkaline range contains two coin type and two cylindrical type batteries. The coins are designed for small devices such as laser pens, calculators and small remote controls (in e.g. car keys). The cylindrical batteries are very suitable for camera flashes. If you're looking for other coin type batteries, take a look at the Lithium Coin batteries and the Silver Oxide batteries. The first ones, which contain the chemically very stable substance manganese dioxide, are best for use in laser pointers, calculators, car keys, heart rate monitors, medical devices and bike computers.

Benefits of the Micro Alkaline batteries

The Panasonic Micro Alkaline batteries have been designed to provide reliable and long lasting power. They have an excellent price versus quality ratio, which makes them a very popular power cell all over the world. The trusted alkaline technology has been put in a compact design and 0% mercury has been added. Panasonic has always been in the forefront of clean energy solutions. Today, one of our R&D projects we are working on is hydrogen energy technology. But also in the past, our environmental awareness led us to innovating ideas that reduce the use of materials that can harm the environment. That's why we developed a Micro Alkaline battery that has 0% mercury added.

Key Features

The Panasonic’s Cell Power MICRO ALKALINE coins have been designed to provide reliable and long lasting power. Excellent price versus quality ratio. Extensive cross reference table on the blister. No mercury added.

For small appliances with long-lasting power

Micro Alkaline is most suitable for:

Medical devices