Zinc Air

ZINC AIR BATTERIES: for hearing aids of the next generation

Offering up to 20% more capacity than previous models, Panasonic  Zinc Air batteries are designed for use in next-generation hearing enhancement equipment. They provide a steady level of power, ensuring proper functioning of your hearing aid at all times. Zinc Air batteries are especially suitable for hearing aids. They have a high energy density. Equal size batteries can contain twice as much energy as a lithium-ion battery. Zinc is also much lighter (and cheaper) than lithium, which means that hearing aids with Zinc Air batteries are very comfortable to wear.



No mercury added

Panasonic Zinc Air batteries have been developed with the consumer’s needs in mind. They are packed in a compact sized blister containing clear product information. The blister is easy to stow away and even fits in your purse or wallet. This way you always have new batteries at hand, whenever you need them. The new design contains a sign that says ‘do not swallow’ to prevent children from swallowing coins.



ZINC AIR and other Panasonic batteries

You may wonder why you should choose the Zinc Air batteries from Panasonic. Well, the answer is quite simple. Zinc Air batteries are comfortable thanks to the use of lightweight materials. They possess more power, which is ideal for new generation digital hearing aids. On top of that, Panasonic Zinc Air batteries have 0% mercury added. Besides the Zinc Air , Panasonic has a wide variety of coin and alkaline batteries.

Key Features

Panasonic Zinc Air hearing aid batteries have been developed with the consumer's needs in mind. Up to 20% increased capacity vs previous Panasonic zinc air batteries. Ideal for new generation digital hearing aids. Comfortable, light and providing a steady level of power for hearing enhancement equipment. Reliable power in various temperature conditions.

Ultra-compact and lightweight for hearing aid

Zinc Air is most suitable for:

Hearing aid