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World-First Carbon Neutral Battery Factory for Panasonic

In January 2019, Panasonic Energy Belgium N.V. (PECBE) became Panasonic’s first Zero-CO2 battery factory in the world. The achievement was realized by installing renewable energy power-generation systems, procuring renewable electricity, and utilizing carbon credits to offset CO2 emissions from fossil fuels.

*Zero-CO2 factory:
A factory with virtually zero CO2 emissions by promoting energy conservation, introducing renewable energy, and utilizing carbon credits, etc.

Panasonic Energy Belgium N.V. (PECBE)

  1. Installed a 100-meter-tall wind power generation system in the factory premises (installed in 2016, power generating capacity: 2 MW)
  2. Switched all procured electricity to 100% renewable energy sources
  3. Switched boilers using fossil fuels to energy-saving-type boilers, and used credits to offset CO2 emissions from fossil fuels

Other Green Activities

In aiming for the factory to be more eco-conscious, PECBE is also promoting a variety of activities such as the use of LED lighting; the adoption of an electric car as a company vehicle; and the use of waste wood for the walls of the cafeteria space in the factory.

The Model for a Greener World

Panasonic Environment Vision 2050 was formulated in June 2017. It represents the long-term vision for environmental management, articulates goals toward 2050, and encourages related activities. As part of this, in the context of realizing a sustainable society, Panasonic is working towards making all of our global factories Zero-CO2 Factories.

By defining the Panasonic Energy Belgium N.V. factory as proof of success, Panasonic actively directs effort toward other factories globally in achieving our vision of carbon-neutral manufacturing processes and a sustainable society, the aim of Panasonic Environment Vision 2050.

Read the full Panasonic Environment Vision 2050

CO₂ Zero factory* Birth

* Factory that substantially reduced CO₂ emissions by promoting energy conservation,
introducing renewable energy, purchasing credits, etc.

Marc DeBaere President

Marc DeBaere


Following in the footsteps of Panasonic founder and visionary Konosuke Matsushita, Marc DaBaere firmly believes responsible action today becomes a vital investment in tomorrow. He sees further energy savings in production processes and products as the next step towards a sustainable future.

Patrick Neuteleers Energy Manager

Patrick Neuteleers

Energy Manager

Energy Manager Patrick Neuteleers offers detail on how energy-saving measures such as the LED program and installation of motion sensors saved a total of approximately 600 tons of carbon dioxide from entering earth’s atmosphere, with more good news to come.