Zinc Carbon

ZINC CARBON batteries: widely used worldwide

Zinc carbon batteries have a long history and are widely used worldwide. It's a simple and reliable technology that provides economical power in terms of cost per hour for low drain appliances. Thanks to the comprehensive product line-up, there's always a suitable battery for your needs with an excellent price versus quality ratio. Panasonic Zinc Carbon batteries are a very reliable source of power for devices that consume little energy. Typical applications include a clock and TV remote controller. This because a Zinc Carbon battery provides less energy than alkaline batteries. That's why you should use alkaline batteries for devices which require more energy such as tooth brushes, toys and game consoles.



Less impact on the environment

Originally, in order to maintain quality and get a better performance, Zinc Carbon batteries utilized mercury, cadmium and lead. All of which impact severely on the environment. Mercury and cadmium were eleminated out of the Zinc carbon batteries in 1989 and 1991 respectively. But the difficulties in mass production of unleaded batteries prevented the development of a no-added-lead product for a long time.


Keeping in mind the increasing environmental awareness of its customers, tried out one innovation after another, from selection of alternative materials and the combination ratio with zinc, to zinc can processing methods. Finally, an independent technology achieving both good performance and mass productivity was successfully established in 2012. The high-reliability, 0% Pb added Zinc Carbon batteries are now on sale in more than 100 countries and regions globally.


ZINC CARBON battery benefits

Why choose for the Zinc Carbon batteries? They are ideal for your low drain devices, because they have an excellent price/quality ratio and they combine simple and reliable technology. But do you have appliances like game consoles, toys or flash cameras? Then you should choose batteries from the alkaline range from Panasonic.

Key Features

Panasonic’s zinc carbon batteries provide an economical power source for low drain devices. Simple and reliable technology. Excellent price versus quality ratio. Economical in terms of cost per hour for low drain appliances. Full and comprehensive product line up. No Mercury and no lead added.

Economical power for low drain devices

Zinc Carbon is most suitable for:

Remote control