Frequently Asked Questions

Following Q&A will teach you everything you wanted to know about batteries and how to optimize the usage.

If service time has reduced to half of its initial capacity or if charging time never seems to complete, it’s probably time to replace the battery.
Panasonic strongly advocates not attempting to charge primary batteries such as alkaline, zinc carbon, or lithium, using Ni-MH chargers. Alkaline batteries are not designed for recharging, and doing so could cause leakage and in the worst case lead to the batteries exploding.
This is a vibration noise which occurs when electric current flows through a transformer or a winding wire inside a component part. However, the charger may still be used without any concern as there is no need to worry from a safety point of view.
Istnieją różne rodzaje baterii, na przykład baterie cynkowo-węglowe i alkaliczne. Jeśli w urządzeniu znajdowały się baterie alkaliczne, które zostały wymienione na baterie cynkowo-węglowe, pojemność, a co za tym idzie także żywotność nowych baterii może być znacznie mniejsza.
Panasonic does not produce or sell 12V batteries like A27, 27A, G27A, MN27 or bi09 of other manufacturers.
Panasonic hearing aid batteries are extremely safe. Unless they’re put under extreme circumstances, temperatures or pressure, they provide a very safe power source for your hearing aids.
Idealna temperatura dla naszych standardowych baterii wynosi od 5°C do 45°C.
You’re always allowed to board the plane with your hearing aid batteries in the device. For regulations on bringing spare hearing aid batteries, please consider contacting your airline.
Istnieje kilka sposobów na przechowywanie baterii w taki sposób, aby pozostały w najlepszym stanie przez możliwie jak najdłuższy czas: przechowywanie baterii w oryginalnym opakowaniu, unikanie mieszania różnych baterii, a także przechowywanie ich w temperaturze pokojowej lub w chłodnym miejscu.
In general, appliances are designed to match the characteristics of dry batteries and to work within the voltage range of 1.5V to 0.9V. Thanks to this characteristic, Ni-MH rechargeable batteries can be used in appliances which require alkaline batteries, even with lower initial voltage.